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Cedanio Bacon student of Arts, Audio Visual Technology and Communications

Cedanio Bacon is a 2011 Honors Graduate of Manatee Technical College. A SkillsUSA Alumni Member, Member of the National Technical Honor Society, 1st Place Gold Medalist in Arts, Audio Visual Technology and Communications, Web Design, SkillsUSA Regional and State Competition 2011. Cedanio earned the Florida Statesman Award for 2010-2011. Cedanio was also awarded MTI Student of the Year 2011.

Prestige Professional

Cedanio will provide his clients with a new business image, of Elegance, Efficiency, Design. I want to give each client a distinguish brand presence that represents them.

Using my design and coding skills to ensure my client's website has the optimal amount of quality, functionality and accessability.

Cedanio specializes in (SEO) search engine optimization my main focus is to help my clients interactive marketing and website branding they will need to have an effective internet presence to promote business for their company. Understanding the user's behaviour is important in the design of the website itself. The shift towards interactive marketing is much attributed to greater consumer response and customer acquisition rates.


Featured Projects

Cedanio has developed several professional web sites for National Football Players, local businesses and organizations. The Web Design New Media Technology Graduate consistently demonstrates excellent analytical skills and the ability to apply his knowledge to real world media problems. Cedanio's outstanding communication skills have also allowed him to develop excellent relationships with his clients, even the most demanding ones.

I begin each day with the powerful intention of being better than the day before. I give everything I have and then I give some more to ensure my client's website has the optimal amount of quality they deserve.

Web Design Professionals

CIW Certified

Certified Internet Web Professional

Jan 23, 2011
Cdanio Bacon CIW Certified Associate Design Specialist, Internet Web Professional, Web Design Specialist

SkillsUSA Alumni Member

Cedanio Bacon is a SkillsUSA Alumni Member

SkillsUSA National Champions

Jun 25th, 2010
Cedanio Bacon SkillsUSA Champion place second in the nation in Entrepreneurship SkillsUSA 2010

MTI students Ricardo Fontanez, Cedanio Bacon, Jason Hrnak, and Joshua Barber place second in the nation in Entreprenuership SkillsUSA 2010.